Garden of Destinies is a multi-genre live action roleplaying (LARP) game based in southeastern Tennessee and northern Georgia.

Players portray characters that have found their way to the Garden, a mysterious location that is somehow connected to all the player character home worlds. Once there, characters become the masters of their own destinies, interacting with the many challenges of a strange and lively world.

As a staff, we seek to run a fun, safe, and eventful gaming experience for all those involved. The GoDs Staff invites you to come and give our game a try – we are committed to giving you an awesome experience!

COVID-19 UPDATE: Garden of Destinies LARP is not running any in-person events until further notice. We will be running virtual games only. For a full announcement about this please see this link. As a note, GoDs Staff is extending this policy into 2021. We will run in-person events when vaccinations are widely available and more details will come as we have them.