Player Corner

New Player Help:

  • New Player Guide (If you are a new player we highly suggest you read over this short document)
  • New Player Advocate Policy (GoDs has two New Player Advocates that are available to assist players)
  • Costuming Guide (Check out this short budget-friendly costuming guide for tips. Thanks to Asher Sharpton for making it!)
  • Packing For a LARP Event (Review this list to see our packing suggestions!)
  • NPC Primer (If you’re thinking about attending as a full-time NPC, check this out)
  • What are Downtimes? (Read this if you want a new player’s guide to Downtimes)

Player Forms & Documents:

Character Forms: 

Other Temporary Forms

  • Tavern Allergies Form (We’d love to not poison you by accident…or at all!)
  • Make Your Invention Public Form (After you’ve Invented something in-game you may make your invention public using this form. Please see Chapter 12 of the Rules for details on this.)