Garden of Destinies has a few useful policies that all players should check out. These are made available to encourage transparency and to provide players with a clearer understanding of how our game works (in a not-rules context).

  • Game Code of Conduct – This lays out our commitment to conducting ourselves in an ethical manner in the community, both in an in-game and out of game sense.
  • Sister Game Policy (coming soon) – GoDs is a sister game to After the End LARP and Simulacra LARP. This means we also share Feathers, Greenbacks, and Butter. For more information on the sister LARP relationship and Feathers share, check out this policy.
  • Minors Policy – Garden of Destinies allows 16 and 17 year old players. Check out this policy to find out the requirements for attending a game as a minor.
  • Special Characters Policy – We allow players to monster and come in with a unique character. Read this policy for more details.

We also have a special policy for those who participate in our Year Zero play test year. If you are participating in the play test, either as a full-time NPC or as a PC, make sure to read this policy here.