Garden of Destinies LARP has a few useful policies that all players should check out. These are made available to encourage transparency and to provide players with a clearer understanding of how our game works (in a not-rules context).

  • Game Code of Conduct – This lays out our commitment to conducting ourselves in an ethical manner in the community, both in an in-game and out of game sense.
  • Covid-19 Event Policy – Please make sure to review this about how we are handling Covid.
  • Intimate Encounters Policy – GoDs allows for players to abstract intimate encounters together. For more on this review this policy.
  • Minors Policy – Garden of Destinies LARP allows 16 and 17 year old players. Check out this policy to find out the requirements for attending a game as a minor. Note that all minors must also have a parent/guardian sign a Player Waiver.