Cosmic Powers

Every world has what is broadly referred to as a “Cosmic Power.”  Often, this is a type of Magic, but in some worlds a lack of Magic has given rise to strange Technologies that serve a similar function.  Cosmic Powers are used by accumulating Charges, and Charges are gained by performing Rituals.  Rituals tend to be specific behaviors that are related to a given Cosmic Power, such as preaching about unity and togetherness or speaking vile curses into the night.

Below are the Cosmic Powers available for each PC World Setting.

  • The Awakened Gift (coming soon)
  • The Corruptions of the Father
  • Five-Element-Weaving Scriptures (coming soon)
  • The Sacred Words of the Ennead
  • The Sacrifices of the Mind, Body, and Soul
  • The Techniques of Time (coming soon)