Magi City Prime

So when you look at the city what do you see? Of course you see the sprawling apartment complexes and towering skyscrapers, but that isn’t the real city. The city doesn’t shine because of the ever burning lamps or the teleportation wires that instantly transport you from one district to another or even the crystal ball orbs that broadcast Magic Media Network’s newest show. You even gotta look past the corporations…though Magi Corp does pay very well compared to those scum Residuum Incorporated…but I digress. When you look at Magi City Prime, it’s the people that shine the brightest! I don’t know if you’re the brightest, but you got potential and I’ve got your back so the sky’s the limit to our greatness.

In this city you gotta pave your own way. You know where you fit in, but now you have to figure out how you’re going to break out of that mold. You got your Gift just like everyone else does. You could awaken and become a Pink Tat or a Black Cloak. What do you mean you don’t know what those are? Okay, okay let me explain. A Pink Tat tattoos their arcane foci on their arms. Those guys are all about busting through their problems like a sledge hammer. Then you got the Black Cloaks who have those sentimental foci, like cards with arcane sigils on them, but it varies. They always keep that stuff concealed. They will still gut you just like the Pink Tats and it will be all according to plan for them. Ah, you’re not unleashing your gift. Well that is fine too. I mean have you seen those S.W.A.T. Contractor guys? I mean you gotta be insane just to take on sorcerers and those mage hunters have sure earned enough respect to be feared. Then there’s also Star gangs and corporate security teams.  Oh you’re not interested in hurting anyone? I guess I’m getting a bit rusty at judging people. I thought someone wearing so many bright neon colors like you would be all into that.

Well then what do you do? Did you work in the factory lines pumping out Residuum Industries appliances and had enough of it? Or are you the CFO of a corporation looking for that CEO position? Maybe you’re a pop star looking to expand your fame and make it big without the help of Rhapsodist Records. You could even be the local Stardust pusher looking to come out of the shadows. You know what? It doesn’t really matter all that much right now anyway. With all the craziness that happened during the Event Horizon Riots we are now here at the Well of Utuk together. Whether you are a Corporate guy or a Wellcrasher the Well is the source of all that is arcane up here. It’s all just one jump away. So are you ready to take the dive and see what your true potential is?

Types of characters
Characters from Magi City Prime are humans from the streets of the massive metropolis. It is a world of 80’s cyberpunk flair with PCs coming from here being rock stars, S.W.A.T. members, Corporate executives, a sorcerer’s entourage, arcane researchers, and of course Sorcerers of the Pink Tat and Black Cloak camps.

In order to be a sorcerer you of course have to take Magi City Prime’s Cosmic Power The Gift Unleashed.  The Pink Tat camp has a make-up requirement of having tattoos down their arms while the Black Cloaks have an item requirement of having to have an item or items inscribed with appropriate runes.

Read the full Magi City Prime setting packet here

This world currently has a medium population of player characters.